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Read-it-Rag: Rules Of Khaki from Details

Planing on sporting khakis this spring?

Well if your oblivious to the rules of the game or maybe you had no idea of  any rules, I suggest you hear what the pro’s at Details Magazine have to dish out about Khakis:


1. COLOR: Chinos are also called khakis for a reason: color. Stick with tones from stone to tan. Faded khakis are best reserved for outdoor Sundays. Darker versions are refined enough for the office as long as they’re crisply pressed.


2. LENGTH: Chinos that hit at the ankle work just as well as those that break slightly at the hem. However, too much of anything is never good. If your pants bunch around your ankles like crushed paper bags, see a tailor.


3. POCKETS: Most khakis come equipped with four pockets, two in the front and two in the back. There’s nothing wrong with that, but to add some variation, try a pair with slant pockets, which are leaner, cleaner alternatives.


4. CUT: By now you know to avoid pleats. To up your game with khakis you’ll need to focus on fit. Straight-leg varieties are the most conventional and comfortable, while slim-cut versions, with a slightly low rise, are the most modern. Both types should skim your hips, and the fly should sit naturally.


5. MATERIAL: If your pants contain nylon or rayon, or are marketed as wrinkle-free, they’re not really khakis. Buy 100 percent cotton, and in the summer, stock up on the American original in washed twills and poplins.


6. CUFFS: When rolling up your khakis you’ll want to strike a balance between a cuff that looks unstudied and one that looks neat. Make them about an inch wide, fold them over two or three times, then scrunch them until they appear slightly uneven.


Label rag: GRN Apple Tree’s Hypocrisy Spring Delivery # 3








Label Rag: Rochambeau F/W 09 lookbook
March 31, 2009, 11:00 am
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Eye Rag: The Clairvoyant Collection by Cheap Monday


As I was cruising around The Pipeline, I came upon them raving about Cheap Monday’s brand Spanking new eyewear collection called The Clairvoyant Collection . Not only were they crazy about the styles, but also for what Cheap Monday is known for, the price. The affordable collection of three different styles—Night On Earth, Night Watch, and Night Porter are priced at a whopping $35 Bucks. Much cheaper than American Apparel glasses.

As soon as I laid my eyes on one of their favorites from the collection, the Night Porter (pictured),I soon went to my vintage eyewear box and pulled out these:


These vintage glasses I had purchased a couple months back at a local thrift store for $1 buck. Of course, the Cheap Monday style blow these away, but the style is exactly the same and the silhouette matches. With the love for the vintage glasses I found, I soon got excited to know that I can get my hands on a better similar pair at Brooklyn based boutique Alter. They carry the frames but were a little too late- they’re sold out of the Night Porter style.

Seriously, at that price, did you expect them not to sell out?


Accessory rag: Porte Monnaie wallets at oki-ni



New at oki-ni is the Porte Monnaie label and their cutting edge wallets designs. The label uses innovative and traditional materials in a unique designs of minimalist style. Natural, locally sourced russet leather and the paper-like tactility of flash spun high density polyethylene form the back bone of a Porte Monnaie wallet.

The dyes used to colour and decorate Porte Monnaie wallets are natural making it completely recyclable withoutompromising on quality or style. Hand made in London by craftsmen, and packaged and delivered with care.


These wallets won’t be officially launched on the site for another day or two,but, You can purchase them early via this link now:


Runway Rag: LESSTHAN Fall 2009 Collection